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About me

Philip Läuppi

Clinical Psychologist, M.Sc.
Professional Psychologist for Psychotherapy FSP
Swiss State-recognized Psychotherapist for Integrative Body Psychotherapy IBP
Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher

I studied psychology and philosophy* and then completed a five-year postgraduate course in psychotherapy.

As a person I am passionate and dedicated. As a psychotherapist I am clear, direct, respectful and sincere. My humorous and playful manner often comes out in my therapeutic work.

My main interest is in the human being from a philosophical, psychological and psychotherapeutic perspective. As a man I am especially fascinated with male psychology with all its conscious and unconscious processes and states along with their causes and effects.

In the context of psychotherapy I observe people, for example, from the perspective of the following five elements (PDF) because if these fall out of balance, they can have a powerful effect on the emotional equilibrium of a person:

  • Gender psychology (gender identity and association)
  • Relationship psychology (the ability to relate and be in love)
  • Sexual psychology (expression of vigour and vitality)
  • Traumata (far-reaching life events) and
  • Addiction (vicarious satisfaction of unfulfilled needs driven by a person's own desire)

I love my job and see therapeutic support to be a valuable contribution to society and the human self. Strengthening the individual ability to form relationships, the ability to relate and/or dissociate oneself clearly, creates a feeling of belonging and personal freedom in life and experience. When we learn to respect and value ourselves, to take care of ourselves and our limits, then we are truly a « lion in his kingdom » or a « lioness in her kingdom » !

I would love to support you to achieve your personal goals...

* Clinical and cognitive psychology, political philosophy/ethics and philosophical anthropology

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Philip Läuppi
Personality development

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Delegated Psychotherapy

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